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Why Silver Salmon Winner

Posted on July 16 2012

Why Fish for Silver Salmon
See line 1 below. Photo: Cameron Miller

We’ve run quite a few contests on our web site, and we always get a bunch of quality entries.  In our posts announcing who won, we often say something like “it was really hard to pick the winner”.

This contest was different.  We got a bunch of quality entries – but Doug Jett ran away with it.  Not even close.

We asked why you like fishing for silver salmon.  Doug’s response?

They bite, they fight, they jump in the air.
They love to chase gaudy clumps of feathers and hair.
With reckless abandon they attack what we throw,
They make guiding life easy don’t you know!
And after the day of running them down,
Back at camp Robert makes them better than any Pate’ around.
So if you haven’t chased them let it be known,
The Kanektok River is their favorite home!

Nice work, Doug.  You’re a poet and we didn’t know it!  A Salmon Grand Slam T-Shirt is headed your way.  We hope to see you on the water again soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  We really appreciate your input, as always.

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