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Why Won’t All Those Fish Eat My Fly?

Posted on October 22 2016

Bonefish and lemon sharks at Andros South.
Oh, that’s why. Photo: Peter Viau.

At Andros South Lodge, its not uncommon to come across massive congregates of schooling bonefish in the hundreds (no, not an exaggeration). Often times, such schools are a welcome sight to the frustrated angler experiencing a slow day chasing singles and doubles. Sometimes, they do just the opposite.

After all, what’s more frustrating than being refused by a bonefish? Being refused three hundred bonefish!

However, today’s post is to remind you that bonefish school for a few reasons, the primary of which is to protect themselves from predators. A school of bonefish can become spooked by predators entering a flat hundreds of feet away. In fact, we witness bonefish on a daily basis acting unusual, only to see a shark or barracuda swim by in the next few minutes.

So, the next time you find yourself distraught, asking yourself, “why won’t any of those fish eat my fly!?” Relax. Look around. Odds are the answer is swimming up from behind.

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