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Women in Fly Fishing: The Whole Concept Works Better, Minus Misogynist Jackasses

Posted on February 07 2018

We’re sorry.  We read this post on Facebook by Amanda Monthei of the FlyFish Journal the other day, and it upset us.  (Good, honest, important, gutsy writing, by the way).  There are many women in this industry who can offer more relevant insights and commentary than we can, for sure.  But we will say, as the editors who have covered the business of fly fishing for more than a decade, that companies can invest millions in R&D, bring awesome products to market… there can be peer groups, and women-focused classes and outings, and targeted advertising campaigns for women… and all that is great.  But they won’t really matter for beans, so long as there are Neanderthals who go to a fishing show and ask a woman angler in a booth if she actually fishes, if she’s giving out kisses, or if she will sit on their lap.  Our two cents.  If you haven’t already, please read the story (or read it again).

Congratulations, on the other hand, to American Angler, and writer Sarah Grigg, and photographer Arnica Spring, for the groundbreaking and well-produced, well-shot, well-written package on women anglers due out in the print and digital editions due in March/April.

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