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Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Posted on April 26 2017

Worksharp knife sharpeners for outdoorsmen
Stay sharp. Photo: Kyle Shea.

We fillet a lot of salmon at our Alaskan lodges each summer, and the key to filleting fish well (and safely we must add) is a good sharp knife. For that reason, most of our guides never hit the water without some sort of sharpener, to ensure their knife is good and sharp at all times.

In our opinion, a sharp knife is a tool no outdoors-person should ever be without anyhow, and one sharpener in particular has earned a permanent place in our many of our boat bags – It’s called the Guided Field Sharpener by Work Sharp, and today we’re going to tell you why we like it.

  1. Compact. At less than seven inches in length, approximately the size of a candy bar, the Guided Field Sharpener fits easily in pretty much any pack, bag, or even pocket for that matter. However, despite its small size, it has a whole bunch of different sharpening features (more on this below), without sacrificing much space in the boat bag.
  2. Multiple Sharpening Features. One thing we love about the Guided Field Sharpener is the number of sharpening options available in such a small package including a coarse and fine diamond plates for bring an edge back to life, a double grit ceramic rod for touch ups, a leather buff for a razor polished blade, and even a hook sharpener which comes in handy in our neck of the woods. In other words, whether you’re repairing a damaged edge in the field, or tuning up a well maintained blade, this tool is up to the task. Plus, with built in twenty degree angle guides, there’s no excuse for a dull blade, even in Bush, Alaska.
  3. Replaceable Magnetic Diamond Plates. If you are as compulsive as we can be at times, a season of sharpening a fillet and/or river knife can take a toll on any sharpener. However, with magnetic diamond sharpening plates, replacement is as easy as pulling the old plate off and snapping a fresh plate in. It really couldn’t be any easier!

All in all, many of our guides have become quite fond of the Guided Field Sharpener and think it has earned a permanent place in our boat bag. Plus, at under $30.00 from most retailers, we think its a pretty tough tool to say no to.

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