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Delaware River Report / Conditions October 21, 2016

Posted on October 21 2016

The release from Cannonsville is 89 cfs this morning.  We were likely dropped in anticipation of rain making up the difference for the downstream flow targets.  It seems that most of the rain in yesterday’s forecast missed us and what did fall soaked right into the ground.  The forecast is calling for 1/2″ of rain today and another 1/2″ tomorrow.  Let’s hope.

There are redds on the West Branch and Mainstem.  There is no way de-watering the West and Main during the spawn makes for “Good Neighbors” to the downstream users.  Looking at the graphs for the last month it’s hard to see where there should any good press.  For years the release has been dropped in anticipation of rain and for years we have watched that rain miss us.  Here we are again.  As a side note the credit for the steady Summer flows goes to Mother Nature under the FFMP.


What can you even say

What can you even say.  Screw the people below the dams I guess

Slate Drake – #12 – 14- Isonychia bicolor
Olive Sulphur – #18 – 20– Heptagenia hebe
Tiny Blue Winged Olive – #22 – 26 – Psuedocloeon spp.
Blue Winged Olive – #18 – 20 – E. lata
Tan Caddis – #16 – 20 – Hydropsyche spp.
Dark Brachycentrus sp. – #14 – 18 – Dark Grannom
Blue Winged Olives #16 – 18 – Baetis vagans (updated name: Baetis tricaudatus)

West Branch at Stilesville, NY 510 cfs
West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY 249 cfs
East Branch at Harvard, NY 112 cfs 50°
East Branch at Fish’s Eddy, NY 216 cfs
Mainstem at Lordville, NY 820 cfs
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY 61 cfs N/A
Cannonsville Reservoir Release 89 cfs
West Branch at 191 Bridge  N/A 59°
West Branch at Walton (Cannonsville inflow) 106 cfs
Cannonsville Reservoir Capacity 35.7%
Pepacton Reservoir Capacity 65.8%

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