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Boron III X

$ 850.00


Winston’s best-selling all-around fly rod series. Featuring advanced Boron III materials and technology, our BORON III X rods are incredibly lightweight, powerful, high line speed rods. With our virtually friction-free “Shooting Guides,” Boron III X rods allow you to generate added line speed without compromising feel. These rods perform perfectly at a broad range of distances, whether you’re casting close-in to skittish fish in gin clear water or at longer distances with wind-resistant flies or streamers.


  • Weights: 3wt. thru 8wt.
  • Action: Fast
  • Sections: 4 and 5
  • Color: Winston Green
  • Guides: Hard chrome snake ‘Shooting Guides’ with chrome nano-lite stripping guides.
  • Reel Seat: Nickel silver with burled wood insert on 8’6″ 3wt. thru 9′ 4wt., 8’6″ 5wt., 9′ 5wt., and 9′ 6wt. Anodized aluminum on 9’6″ 5wt., and 9’6″ 6 thru 9’6″ 8wt.
  • Storage: Super-light graphite rod tube embossed with company logo signature plus logo tech rod sock.


4wt. 8’6″ CIGAR
4wt. 8′ CIGAR
4wt. 8’6″ CIGAR
4wt. 9′ CIGAR
5wt. 8’6″ CIGAR
5wt. 9′ CIGAR
5wt. 9’6″ FULL WELLS
6wt. 9′ CIGAR
6wt. 9’6″ FULL WELLS
7wt. 9′ FULL WELLS
7wt. 9’6″ FULL WELLS
7wt. 10′ FULL WELLS
8wt. 9′ FULL WELLS
8wt. 9’6″ FULL WELLS

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