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UV2 Roe Skein Yarn

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Spirit River UV2 Roe Skein Yarn is a new material for us and is pretty amazing. First we make all of Roe-Gain egg patterns with it. The year is used to as a shuck that encases the bright egg yarn. The neat thing is it become almost translucent once wet. It is deceiving when you tie a fly with it. It really need to be submerged to see why we use it. I recently did a tying article in Fish ALaska magazine and showed how to tie a UV2 Roe-gain. These flies are soft and fish a lot better than the od traditional Roe bug.
Take the yarn and cut a 8 inch segment, then strip out the 3 core strings that hold it together. Tie it in on a egg hook, and bubble it back making a small oop, then do this 2 more times increasing your bubble or loop size. Then add a little egg year. Then go back and add 2 or 3 more bigger loops. Then whip and finish. It looks messy dry. Dont let that fool you. Drop it into water

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