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The Shot-Gun

The Shot Gun

$ 29.95

Why The Shot-Gun? 

  • Appox. 68% greater Density than Lead
  • Highest density fishing weight system on the market!
  • Does not damage line and leader, like split shots. Many a big Fish has been lost because split shots have damaged the line or snagged on something during the battle!
  • Stealth, since the High Density Shot is much heavier than lead, you uses less and the system looks very similar to aquatic insects larva, fish have been known to hit at the shot-gun fishing weights.
  • Easy and safe to use and reuse
  • Non- Toxic, safe for people and the environment 
  • Legal in every state, eco-friendly fishing weight system
  • Completely reusable and recyclable
  • Can be easily repositioned on line
  • Snags less that split shots
  • Line hinges less when casting
  • Lead is outlawed in many places
  • Patent Pending Design

Kit includes:

  • Shot-Gun™ Tool pre-loaded with shot

  • Shot-Gun™ Tubing

  • Everthing you need to get started!

Shot-Gun Refill Kit


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