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Angler 119's Delaware River Fishing Report

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  • Game called

    Jun 09 2015

    Game was called today due to rain (and muddy water).Teams will play two tomorro

  • He missed it!

    Jun 08 2015

    How many times have you heard someone near by say, "he missed it!"  Nohe didn't, something was wrong and he decided not to eat it. Trout ...

  • A Loony Day !!!

    Jun 07 2015

    It started off cloudy and calm.  It quickly became bright and sunny.The wind blew out of the north at ten. The barometer went straight up...

  • In search of Cornuta

    Jun 06 2015

    Went out this morning in hopes of finding  Cornuta. They usuallyappear sometime during the first 7/10 days of June.  Unlike otherolives t...

  • The White Gloved Howdy

    Jun 05 2015

    I started out this morning fishing a large olive.  The cornutas arehatching and the trout love'em. My olive, however, got refused by twod...

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